Ultra Thin Cases

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Thinnest Ever

We made it for people who don't like carrying bulky cases in their pockets

Just ₹ 399

Rs.399 (incl. taxes)

Accessible Buttons

Precise cut-outs of buttons and charging port allows you to take control of your device without any effort

Anti-Slip Surface

Special matt finish on outer surface gives you better grip so your device doesn't feel accidently

Camera Protection

We have also thought about your camera and provided with little support to protect it from unwanted scratches

Thinnest Ever

Cases for NO CASE Lovers

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Edge to Edge Finish

Access buttons directly on your phone

Perfect Fit

Designed to fit seamless with your device

Some extra ordinary features


Material is desgined to be flexible and rigid

Light Like Paper

Thinnest material so that you never feel the case

Light Weight

Its only few grams in weight so you dont feel the weight

Edge to Edge Fit

Designed to fit perfectly onto your device with precise cutouts